Products and Specialties

Multi Fuel Gas Turbines

Airem Energy’s OP16 turbine generator package is powered by the environmentally friendly, reliable and economical OP16 all-radial gas turbine from OPRA Turbines. Designed and built in the US, our OP16 turbine packages bring the OP16 radial turbine to market across the Americas, with local service and parts to support or clients’ needs.

Uniquely in the 2MW power range, our OP16 turbine packages enable Oil & Gas and Industrial clients to utilize virtually any combustible gas or liquid to produce high-quality power and heat on-site. Our ability to utilize waste fuels in gaseous and liquid form, or both simultaneously, enable our clients to use the world’s resources more effectively and reduce their carbon footprint. Examples of these waste gases include flare gas and NGLs from oil extraction and refining, biogas, syngas, landfill gas, and even VOCs from oil and LNG transportation or storage.

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