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1.1 billion people lack electricity for lighting, telecom, cooking & economic development. 84% of them live in rural areas beyond the grid. Telecom and rural electrification is critical for improving their quality of life. By 2020 there were more than 1 million telecom towers in off-grid and poor-grid locations powered by diesel generators polluting the air and contaminating the soil.

Green Energy at Half the Price of Diesel

The GenCell FOX™ off-grid power solution provides the benefits of green fuel cell energy with an inexpensive and easily accessible liquid fuel – anhydrous ammonia. GenCell’s patented ammonia cracking device generates hydrogen-on-demand for use by its hydrogen fuel cell generators. A single 12-ton tank of ammonia provides enough fuel for up to a year of 24/7 operation*. When installing the GenCell FOX at 1,000 sites or more, you can save up to $250 million or more compared to diesel solutions.

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Ammonia the Next Big Thing in Energy Production_ the GenCell FOX Off-grid Power Solution from GenCell Energy on Vimeo.