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GenCell BOX™

Long-duration Backup Power Solution Designed Specifically for Telecom

Designed to be extremely rugged and reliable, the GenCell Backup Operations eXtender (BOX) is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions - temperature, humidity & salinity. Compact in size, the BOX requires almost no maintenance and is completely green. Emitting no noise or CO2, it complies with environmental regulations and incentives. Designed to meet the specs of telecom base stations, the BOX suits outdoor locations, outputs long-duration 48V DC backup power for as long as fuel is available and connects with standard telecom Energy Management System protocols.

GenCell Backup Operations eXtender - BOX

The GenCell BOX resolves the key weaknesses of the most common backup power solutions: the limited duration and disposal issues of batteries, the fumes, noise, CO2 emissions and lengthy startup time of diesel generators and the daylight limitations of solar PV energy systems. Fueled by hydrogen, the GenCell BOX delivers uninterrupted operations for critical communication systems.

In the event of grid outage, the ultra-reliable BOX kicks in immediately to deliver uninterrupted power for continuous telecommunication operations. Providing a potentially unlimited source of up to 5 kW power, the Gencell BOX is supplied with a modular Gas Cabinet to meet any duration of backup power required:

  • 4 cylinders of hydrogen provide over 8 hours of 5kW power
  • 20 cylinders provide over 40 hours of 5kW power

Designed to be extremely reliable, the GenCell BOX is highly resilient to extreme environmental conditions. The solution can operate under temperatures from as high as 45°C and as low as -20 °C and can withstand humidity conditions of up to 90%. The GenCell BOX can be positioned on-site in standby mode for months and kicks in immediately on demand.

In contrast to diesel generators, parts and fuel replacement are infrequent, requiring maintenance only once every 500 hours of operation or annually - whichever comes first. Solution deployment is simple drop & connect. Integrated IoT remote monitoring software for full operational intelligence integrates the BOX with standard telecom Energy Management Systems.

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GenCell BOX for Telecom from GenCell Energy on Vimeo.